Position of the “Noir belge“ marble underground quarry

A short presentation of our group of companies
There are few marbles that radiates as much an aura of rare elegance, mystery and seduction than the“BELGIUM BLACK“.
Where to find the noir belge marble

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A short presentation of our group of companies

is the largest marble quarrying company of Portugal and one of the top five european. Pioneering the marble mining since 1928, we extract from our own land the exclusive “Marbles of Vigaria“ of unique gloss and alabaster-like transparency. With a monthly production of 1.500 cubic meters and delicate background colours ranging from an “icy“ white, to ivory cream and bright pink, Solubema has the capacity to supply the raw material for the most demanding architectural jobs.

Herdade da Vigaria, Apartado 26 – 7160-999 Vila Viçosa - Portugal
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, established in 1974, is the processing plant of Solubema. Located on the quarrying site itself and provided with  a powerful and up to date transformation capacity, this factory also works all kinds of portuguese limestones and marbles in standard dimension, cut to size or artistic jobs.

P.O. Box 27 – 7160-999 Vila Viçosa - Portugal
Tel : +351.268.887.140
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Cathedrale Notre Dame de La Treille Lille - Carlier Archit. 2000

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Out of Portugal, our Group of Companies also includes :

Merbes-Sprimont, our belgium subsidiary, originally established in 1779, who supplies the famous “Noir Belge“ or belgium absolute black marble, the “Rouge Griotte“ , “Gris des Ardennes“ and “Rouge royal“. Those historical marbles are found all over northern Europe’s most famous royal castles (like Vaux le Vicompte and Versailles in France).

Rue des Usines, 20
Phone : +32.071.555.961/ Fax : +32.071.558.951
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Numbering 314 people over western Europe, our group of companies is managed by an experienced and qualifyied team including Engineers, Architects and Geologist.

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